Dragonflies – Remote Learning – Friday 18th February

Good morning Dragonflies! 18th February 2022

Please find your work for the day below.


1. Count in Fractions – Watch the video and complete the tasks within it as instructed. Video: https://vimeo.com/506082065

2. Complete the Worksheet: “Count in Fractions” (attached to email).

(Y3: Do at least questions 1&2 and more if you choose)

(Y4: Do at least all the White Rose Maths Sheet and the Reasoning & Problem Solving

sheet in addition if you choose)


3. Verbally rehearse the 4 & 12 times tables.

4. Verbally rehearse counting up in 4s & 12s.

5. Go on TTRS – There will be a battle taking place!

(Y3 vs Y4: 8.00-10.00am tomorrow)

(Boys vs Girls: Mon 21st 9.00am – Fri 25th 3.00pm)

6. Go on Numbots.



1. Spellings

Go on Spelling Shed and practice spelling list 6b.

2. Sentence work

Look at the attached activity. Read the sentences carefully and correct the errors

that you spot.




1. Location of settlements

Watch the powerpoint attached to this email called “Location of settlements”

Location of settlements

2. Make notes giving information under these headings:

Older settlements

Newer settlements

All settlements


Join with the first Joe Wickes workout that was aired during the first lockdown.

Class Challenge

How far can you walk or run whilst you are at home? You could run laps of the garden or a route around the house. Send us the distance you cover and we will add it to the class total. I wonder whether we will finish our second lap around the Shropshire border during half term…

I look forward to being back in class with you all again soon.

Best wishes,

Mrs Heath

Art in Dragonflies

We have been looking at the work of landscape artist William Heaton Cooper.  We have learned about using one point perspective in our drawing and have used colour to add perspective to our paintings. We have learned that we can use lighter to darker shades to show perspective.

We laid our paintings out and had a critique session. We discussed the use of colour and shared our observations with each other.



Our last swimming session for this term will be on Tuesday 7th December.

Please Note: this is different to the original plan as we had to miss a session earlier in the term. 

We have really enjoyed our sessions and we would like to thank the staff at the Leisure Centre in Ludlow for accommodating all of us!

P.E on Wednesday!

Dragonflies will be doing P.E. tomorrow as we took extra time to finish an English session today.

Please could children come into school in their PE kits again tomorrow.

I appreciate that this may be difficult for those who are taking part in cross country this evening. If they don’t have a complete school kit to wear, perhaps they could wear something as near as possible just for tomorrow.

Apologies and many thanks.

Mrs Heath

Cross Country

Just a quick note for those attending tomorrow’s after-school cross country event at Albrighton Primary School.


I (Mr Harley) will be attending the event to organise where/when children will be racing. The first race each week will start at 4:30pm and will be Y3 girls and then Y3 boys and so on.


The event organisers have asked all schools to ask parents not to stand or run anywhere on the course and that course marshals will be there to help with this.


Just to clarify, there are three events and the final event at Idsall school is on 21st September and not October as stated on the return slip.

World Book Day – Activities

Here are some activities you can do to celebrate your favourites books and stories:

  • Dress up as your favourite book character
  • Have a go at our quiz (see link below)
  • Take a look at the World Book Day website: http://www.worldbookday.com
  • Share a story with a member of your family

Send in pictures or videos to the class email addresses, we would love to see them!

WBD – Quiz


It’s World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day, a day when children (and adults) all over the world celebrate books and reading. (I’ll let you into a secret….I believe everyday is World Book Day!)

I’ve been doing some research about reading….

Did you know?

  • If you read for 20 minutes a day you will have read 1,800,000 words in one year!
  • You will learn between 4,000 and 12,000 words in one year just by reading!
  • Regular reading improves brain connectivity, reduces stress, aids sleep, helps increase self confidence and reduces feelings of loneliness.
  • Reading can take you all over the world….in your imagination!
  • Regular reading improves your concentration and helps your understanding of different cultures and customs.

You don’t just have to read books. You can read ANYTHING – Leaflets, newspapers, magazines, cereal packets, comics, labels on jars/tins, road signs, cookery books, poems, jokes, instructions, labels on the supermarket shelves, bottles of bubble bath, anything with words!!

You can also read ANYWHERE – at bedtime, in the bath, listen to stories in the car, read in the garden, read on the beach, read in the car, read in a tractor, read up a tree…..

So, today (and everyday) enjoy a story. Listen to a story or read to yourself. How does it make you feel?