Titanic Museum

Titanic at sea


William and his family enjoyed a trip to Liverpool to visit the Titanic exhibition, in the Maritime Museum.

This is a permanent exhibition and is FREE!

Just a 5 minute walk away is the ‘Museum of Liverpool’ which is also free entry and worth a visit too.


Designing our own seaside towns

In Geography, Grasshoppers have been learning about the human and physical features of a seaside town. They have taken inspiration from one of the books we have explored this term called ‘Postcards from Crabby Spit’. The book is set in Australia and follows a family who are on holiday there.

The children designed their own seaside town, choosing the features that they wanted and planning where to place them.
They then chose a name for their town and wrote a leaflet to persuade visitors that their resort was the best place to visit, by describing some of the exciting things they would be able to see and do there.