Please find below some resources, games and videos to support your child with their phonics and reading.

We are encouraging the children to read, for 5-10 minutes, every night with an adult or older sibling.

FREE Oxford Owl eBook library

Sound Sayer


Forest Phonics

Phoneme Patterns – Reading cards

Grasshoppers Class

Welcome to the Autumn Term Grasshoppers!

Our topic for the term is ‘Castles, Knights and Dragons’.

I hope you have had a wonderful summer break. Please have a look below at the curriculum we will be following this term and some useful class information.

Welcome back Info letter 2022 2023

Curriculum Overview Castles, Knights and Dragons 2022

See you all on Tuesday.

Dodgeball – CANCELLED

We have just been informed that the Dodgeball tournament due to take place today has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We will also be e-mailing all parents of the children who were due to attend. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Art in Dragonflies

We have been looking at the work of landscape artist William Heaton Cooper.  We have learned about using one point perspective in our drawing and have used colour to add perspective to our paintings. We have learned that we can use lighter to darker shades to show perspective.

We laid our paintings out and had a critique session. We discussed the use of colour and shared our observations with each other.


Home Learning – Thursday 11th February

Good morning everyone!

Well done for creating your story maps ready for writing your story today. There were also some wonderful designs for a new cathedral.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 11.2.21

Year 1 – ‘er’ sound

Year 1 ‘er’ sound ppt



Year 1 Spelling Activity sheet –  er Spelling activity

Year 2 – ‘o’ sound spelt ‘a’ after a ‘w’ or ‘qu’

Year 2 o sound spelt a after w and qu

Listen to the sentences, do Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check, then play one of the games.

English – Great Fire of London Story Writing

Maths – Designing a farm

Handwriitng – 6 and 7

History – St Paul’s Cathedral


After the fire of London ppt

A Visit to The Monument – Click below


Home Learning – Tuesday 9th February

Good morning Class 2,

Very well done with the bus stop division, Year 2.

You all seem to have grasped this method confidently.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 9.2.21

Year 1 Compound Words

Compound words Year 1 ppt

Year 2 – If a noun ends with ‘y’ change it to an ‘i’ before adding ‘es’.


Year 2 – Plurals Worksheets – Plurals changing y to i before ading es


Year 1 – Planning your characters for your story (You just need a piece of paper)

Year 2 – Verbs and Adverbs

Verbs and Adverbs PowerPoint

Maths – Multiplication and Division–ks2-the-relationship-between-multiplication-and-division/zdqb47h

Year 1 – Writing division number sentences

Division 1

Division 2

Year 2 – Fact Families

Teaching video

Multiplication-and-Division families

Fact Familes Game -Topmarks

Handwriting – 2 and 3

Reading Log – Tuesday to Friday

Reading Book Log



Great Fire Picture info cards


Home Learning – Monday 8th February

Good morning,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

It’s the final week before half-term so keep positive and keep working hard before you can have a nice rest, next week!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 8.2.21

Year 1 and Year 2 – Plurals

Nessy Video – Adding s and es


English – The Great Fire of London

English Worksheet – Great Fire Adjectives and similes


Year 1 – Division using counting in 2, 5 and 10

Worksheet – Division using coins 2p 5p 10p

Year 2 – Introducing the bus stop method

Division bus stop method Year 2.ppt

Worksheets – Division Bus Stop Method

Reading – Be Positive!


Handwriting – Numbers 0 and 1

PE Dance Warm Up – Everything is Awesome!


Dance – Time to Move: The Great Fire Spreads

RE – Charlie and Blue find out what enlightenment means.

Glass half full half empty sheet

Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Class 2! I hope you are all feeling positive as we reach the middle of the week.

It is so lovely to receive your work every day. You are all doing a fantastic job and working so hard.

Thank you!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 3.2.21

Year 1 Phonics – ‘oa’ sound spelt ‘oa’, ‘ow’, ‘oe’

Year 1 oa spelt oa ow oe ppt

Word Search oa ow oe

Year 2 – igh sound spelt ‘y’ at the end of a word.

‘igh’ spelt ‘y’ ppt

igh sound spelt ‘y’

English – Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift


English work – Comparing characters Billy & Gulliver

Maths – Division

Year 1 – Find half


Year 1 Worksheet – Find-a-half Yr1

Finding half Board Games

Game 1 – Halving numbers up to 20  – Halving Race Board Game

Game 2 – halving numnbers up to 48 – Halving Space Board Game

Year 2 – Diving by 2


Year 2 Worksheet – Divide by 2 Yr2

Mantal Maths Train Game –

Handwriting – x and z

Reading – Small Town Superheroes

Punctuation – Full stops

Art – The Great Fire of London Silhouette Picture


Buddhist Relaxation Music

Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone!

I hope your week has got off to a good start.

Try to keep the meditating going!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 2.2.21

Year 1 and 2 – Writing numbers as words


Plat the Fruit Splat Game

Number as Words PowerPoint – Numbers as words ppt

Spooky Spellings

English – Gulliver’s Travels


English Activity


Year 1 Division – Making Equal Groups: Grouping


Year 1 Worksheets – Make-equal-groups-grouping Y1

Year 2 Division – Making Equal Groups: Grouping (Different to theYear 1 Video)


Year 2 Worksheets – Make-equal-groups-grouping Y2

Handwriting – v and w


Fig’s Giant

Small Town Superheroes – Punctuation:Capital Letters

History – The Great Fire of London: How was the fire stopped?




Make your own bubbles

Home Learning – Monday 1st February

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

We have got a new story to explore this week in English and we are looking at division in maths. We also have some activities to help calm our minds in RE.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 1.2.21

Months of the Year


Word Wall Game


English – Fig’s Giant

Fig’s Giant What are you scared of.docx

Maths – Division




Division Sharing

Handwriting – p


Reading – Small Town Heroes

RE – Buddhism

Buddhism Meditation


Guided Meditation


PE- Buddhist Dance

Buddhist Symbols Dance

Buddhist Music

Home Learning – Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for the wonderful stories that you have written and for the Tudor houses that some of you have made. Well done!

Home Learning – Daily Activities 28.1.21

Year 1 – ay and oy sound


Play the ‘ay’ game by typing the letters to make the correct word.

Listen to the oi and oy song


Year 2 – Words ending in ‘il’ and ‘al’

PowerPoint – il and al – Year 2 il and al



English – Billy and the Minpins

Party Invitation – Party Invitation

Party Shopping List – Party Shopping List

Maths -Super Movers Warm Up – 3 Times table

Greater than, less than & equl to


Year 1 Maths sheet – greater than less than equal to Year 1

Year 2 Maths sheet – Greater than less than equal to

Reading – Tom Thumb


Handwriting – m and k

History – Fire Fighting in Modern London

Virtual tour


Modern fire fighter uniform

Modern Fire Equipment

Austin’s Butterfly

Home Learning – 27th January

Good morning Class 2 and parents!

You have made a great start on your Billy & Swan stories. Well done!

I am looking forward to reading the finished stories later.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 27.1.21

Year 1 – ‘v’ sound spelt ‘v’ or ‘ve


Year 1 Pnonics PowerPoint – Year 1 Term 1A Week 6 ppt v ve

Spelling Frame Game

Year 2 – ‘l’ sound spelt ‘le’


Year 2 Phonics PowerPoint – Year 2 Term 1B Week 1l sound spelt le

Year 2 – ‘le’ Word search – Word Search le

English – Billy and Swan Story – Continue from yesterday and finish your stories.


Warm Up – Super Movers: 10 Times-table

Year 1 Maths

Year 2 – Helping your child to learn their times tables



Year 2 Maths PowerPoint – Multiplication Worded Problems Year 2

Year 2 – Multiplication Worded Problems – Year 2 Worded Multiplication Problems

Reading – The Great Fire of London


Reading Questions

Handwriting -n and h

Art- Tudor House


Home Learning – Thursday 21st January

Good morning Class 2 and parents,

I hope you are all managing to stay dry during this very wet spell!

Thank you very much for all the wonderful work you have sent this week. You are working very hard.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 21.1.21

Year 1 Phonics – Adding ing, er, ed

PowerPoint 1

Year 1 Term 1A Week 3 ppt Adding ing ed er

PowerPoint 2

Using-the-Suffixes-ing-er-est-and-ed Teaching ppt

Spelling Activity


Year 2 Phonics – s spelt c


PowerPoint – S spelt c words ppt

English – Billy and the Minpins: Chapter 7


Forest Scene


Year 1 – Drawing your own multiplication Stories


Year 2 -10 Times-table


Year 2 Worksheet – The-10-times-table

Handwriting – 

Reading – Synonyms


Game –

Synonym sheet – Spotting Synonyms

History – The Great Fire of London

Video on Samuel Pepys

Magic Grandad BBC Programme

Home Learning – Monday 11th January

Good morning Class 2 and parents,

I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for week 2!

Please don’t forget in get in touch if you have any questions at all about any aspects of the home learning this week.

Today’s Learning – Daily Activities 11.1.21

Phonics/Spelling – Vowels & Consonants


Vowels ppt Twinkl

Vowels and Consonants Activity

English – Billy & the Minpins: Adjectives

Adjectives ppt twinkl

Billy and the Minpins – Adjectives

Maths – Multiplication: Equal Groups


Make equal Groups ppt

Equal groups




You will see on the handwriting website that you can print off handwriting sheets if you wish to.

Handwriting Sheet 1 – Handwriting Worksheets Week 2

PE – Dance Warm Up


PE – Let’s Dance Programme

RE – Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism