Welcome Back Letter – Link

We have realised that the post from the start of term that should have been sent out to all of those subscribed to the email bulletin last Friday did not actually get sent out by the automated system.

Here is a link to the initial post: https://browncleeschool.org.uk/happy-new-year-and-welcome-back/

We are in the process of a website upgrade – so this should hopefully not be a re-occurring issue. You may receive the initial post alongside this post as it has been re-added today.

Mud Run – Friars Playing Fields

A reminder for the Y4-6 pupils attending the mud run on Wednesday that it would be avisable to bring a towel and additional dry clothes (either to take with them or parents to bring at pick-up) to put on over their wet/muddy clothes – or to change into. Miss Rock (who has organised the event from Bridgnorth Endowed School) has said that she will be bringing bin bags for children to sit on during their journey home, but you may wish to also bring your own.


The original letter stated children would need to wear their Brown Clee P.E. kits for this even; however, you may prefer them to wear something that you do not mind getting particularly muddy. They can get changed into these before leaving school on the day.


This year, parents are to pick children up from Friars Playing Fields (as opposed to Bridgnorth Endowed Leisure Centre – as in previous years). The event is due to finish at 15:30.

Emails delivery errors

Unfortunately, emails are not being delivered to specific email accounts when we are sending out emails. These seemed to almost all be gmail accounts.


This is the following message that we are receiving when attempting to email these accounts:

Your message wasn’t delivered. Despite repeated attempts to deliver your message, the recipient’s email system refused to accept a connection from your email system.

Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their email system is refusing connections from your email server. Give them the error details shown below. It’s likely that the recipient’s email admin is the only one who can fix this problem.

For Email Admins
No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the remote host – that is, one with no server application running. For more information and tips to fix this issue see this article: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=389361


Poppies – Children

Just a note that Remembrance Poppies will be available for children on Friday via a donation (of any amount). Children can bring their donations in and poppies will be brought around the classes throughout the day.

New Catering Subcontractor

Our Catering provider (Entrust) are changing their school meals service from Chartwells to Edwards and Ward. This will involve no change in catering staffing in school; however, there is going to be a change in price. Here is some information from Entrust explaining this:

Due to food and wage inflation continuing to affect the catering industry,  the meal price when we return in September will be £2.83.

The contractor, Edwards and Ward has done what it can to mitigate the effect of food inflation whilst producing school meals to the governments school food standards. This has included product swapping raw materials and changing menu choices, but food inflation stubbornly continues, above published headline rates of RPI & CPI.

While the governments headline inflation rate has dipped in recent months, the food price inflation for May 2023 is 18.3%, with specific food type increases of 27.4% for milk, cheese & eggs, 19.8% for vegetables and 16.3% for meat, all of which are fundamental raw materials used in school catering. Added to the food inflation affect, the government mandated increase of 9.7% national minimum wage increase from April 1st this year and the impact of the Harpur Trust court ruling, also has directly impacted the school meal price.

The caterer expects no further price increase until at least April 2024 and will continue to monitor inflationary effects each month and are committed to investing in different ways to minimise these effects.

Thank you for your understanding.


KS2 Performances

As you will all be aware, all of KS2 have two upcoming performances. With the afternoon performance on Wednesday, the performance will fit within normal school timings. The evening performance on Tuesday, however, begins at 6:00pm. To allow time to change into costumes, Children should arrive at school from 5:15pm and all should be at school by 5:30pm. If watching the performance, you can go into the hall ready for the performance once you have dropped your child off. If you are simply dropping your child off, the performance will be finished at around 7:15pm and children should be ready to be picked up again by 7:30pm.

If, for whatever reason your child may not be able attend the evening performance, please can you let us know as soon as possible – as we may be able to work together a plan.

Scorpions – Micro:bits

Scorpions class have been coding Micro:bits to control LEDs in our computing this term.