Number bonds at home

Please could the children continue their learning at home by having a go at the games to help them learn their number bonds.

Click on the link below for a list of resources.

Games to help you learn your number bonds

Start with your number bonds to 10. You need to know them so you can instantly recall pairs of number that go together to make 10.

If this is tricky, find pairs of number that total 1 – 9 first.

Eg, Number bonds to make 5.

5 + 0, 0 + 5, 4 + 1, 1 + 4, 3 + 2, 2 + 3

If you are confident with these numbers try your number bonds to 20.

Year 2 children that are confident with 20 can move onto number bonds to 100.

A number bond is just a pair of numbers that go together to make a total.


Year 1: Phonics Practice

The Year 1s in Fireflies and Grasshoppers have been working hard with their phonics this half term and have learnt all the following phonemes:

/ea/ /oe/ /au/ /ew/ /ay/ /ie/ /ou/  /ey/ /wh/ /ph

We have set some practice assignments up on Spelling Shed for them and it would be really helpful if they could practice at least one game daily – as little and often practice is the best way to ensure new information gets stored in the long term memory.

All children should have their Spelling Shed log-ins to access the games.

We will also be setting spelling lists for the tricky (common exception) words – and with these words, children can earn certificates with the points that they amass!  Each point they earn goes towards their “Shed Score” – and this is the total of scores for the past rolling 7-day period.

All children start as an egg and can work their way up to a Royal Bee!

‘Paint the Squares’ resource

This is a great resource for the children to use at home. It will support them to become familiar with number order, forwards and backwards and to explore number patterns.

You can select which number you would like the number square to go up to and increase it as they become more confident.

There are also games to play in the ‘Pick a puzzle’ box.

Forest School

We are very pleased that Year 1 and Year 2 children can take part in Forest School again.

Forest School for Grasshoppers will take place on a Monday afternoon.

All children should continue to come to school in their PE kit on a Monday as the other half of the class will be doing PE.

Those children doing Forest school will wear their PE kit. Waterproofs and wellies will be provided by school.

The Year 1 children have been to Forest School today and the Year 2 children will go next Monday, we will then continue to alternate it.

Grasshoppers – Useful Information for the start of term

Welcome to Grasshoppers!  


I hope you have all had a wonderful summer break and enjoyed spending time with your families.

Hopefully, you all feel refreshed and ready for the new school year ahead!

Our topic for the Autumn term is SUPERHEROES!

Click on the link below to have a look at what the children will be learning.

Autumn Term Overview – Superheroes

Please find below some information about the ‘Grasshoppers’.

Monday – Thursday, the class is taught by Mrs Morris. On a Friday, the class is taught by Mrs Cains.

Grasshoppers will be supported by Mrs Markall (Mon – Weds) and Miss Horton (Mon – Fri)

This year, we have 16 Year 2 children and 14 Year 1 children.

PE Days

Monday: Gymnastics & Dance (Indoor PE kit)

Friday: Games (Outdoor PE kit – Tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie can be worn as the weather becomes cooler. These need to be plain black or navy, not pink and sparkly!)

Water bottles

Please can water bottles be plastic, not metal and have non spill spouts.

Bags and Coats

The children will need one bag for their belongings which will be placed in the cloakroom at the start of the day. They will bring their reading book and water bottle into the classroom only. There will be a box outside the classroom for lunchboxes to be stored.

Children must bring a warm, waterproof coat every day. They will be going outside at playtime whatever the weather.

Please ensure that all belongings are named, especially school jumpers, cardigans, coats and bags.

Trinkets and toys

Please can you ensure that the children do not bring into school small soft toys, trinkets or other small toys from home. The children are very welcome to bring in books, photographs or work they have done at home that is relevant to our topic in school.


The children will be expected to read regularly throughout the week. If the children have read and had their reading record signed by an adult at home or if they have finished their book and need a new one, they can put it into the ‘blue box’ in the classroom.

In the back of their reading record they will have a slip of card to track how many times they have read at home. Numbers will be crossed off each time they have their reading record signed.


Homework is reading, learning the spellings for their year groups and learning their times tables. To support them to do this they will have access to ‘Spelling Shed’, ‘Numbots’ and ‘TimesTable Rock Stars’.

I will give the children log in details for these and put more detailed information about spellings and times tables on the class page, at the beginning of term.

(You can also find our school ‘Homework Policy’ on the school website.)


Please look out for regular updates on the Grasshoppers page of the school website. Here you will find reminders, photographs and information about the curriculum we follow in class.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, send a note or arrange a telephone call/ appointment via the school office.

Our class email address, which you can contact me directly on, is:

New children to the Grasshoppers class – If your child is joining our class as a Year 1, please get in touch if there is anything in addition to the information above that you would like to know or if you feel there is anything you think would be helpful for me to know, before the children return on Thursday.

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of the summer break. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all and starting our exciting topic!

Farm Maps

Class 2 have finished off their work on ‘Farming’ by designing their own farms. The children planned what they wanted on their farm and made a rough design on A4. They then transferred this onto larger paper and made labels and a sign with the name of their farm on it.

Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Join the Wild World Heroes for the Summer Reading Challenge and discover how you can make a difference to the environment too.

They are teaming up with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for a very special nature-themed challenge.

You can sign up for it online or at your local library. Find out more below and have fun reading this summer!

Sports Day

Sports Day – Thursday 1st July

Children will need PE kits and if the weather gets as warm as today, a sunhat/cap and sun cream on. Please try to apply sun cream before school.

Please ensure they have their water bottles.

Unfortunately, it has had to be a parent free event again but I will put some photographs on the class page.

The children are really looking forward to it and I’m sure they will have a great afternoon.

Many thanks


Please could I ask that children do not bring watches into school.

Although it is great that they have watches, they have become a distraction in class, this week. They are being taken on and off and some have been given to friends to wear. I wouldn’t want them to get broken or go missing.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

Welcome back Class 2!

I hope you and your families have had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed being able to do more during the second week. We have had some welcome sunshine so hope you have enjoyed being outdoors.

Please find below our Summer Term Curriculum Overview.

Summer Term Overview

Please continue to use our class email address to get in touch if you should have any questions or messages regarding your child.

Many thanks