In art, Fireflies have been learning about continuous line drawings. They have applied their newly learnt skills, to replicate the famous sunflowers paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

The children also experimented with different ways of adding texture to paint. They added salt, flour and oats to the paint to give different textures. The children then applied the different textures of paint to their artwork.

The results were fantastic!

Remote Learning Friday 18th February 2022

Good morning Fireflies,

Mrs Morris has sent some work for you to complete today. Please see the work set out below. There is separate work for Reception and Year 1’s.

Please send any completed work to

Have a lovely day. I hope the high winds do not cause you too much disruption.

Stay safe,


Reception Children:

Year 1’s:



Links to resources:




Charles Darwin Morning

Fireflies have had a fun filled morning learning all about Charles Darwin.

They learnt about Charles Darwin’s early life, and his 5 year journey on HMS Beagle, around the Galápagos Islands. They then became explorers; discovering some of the different species of animals that Charles Darwin collected during his voyage. This is a great starting point for our history work.


Year 1: Phonics Practice

The Year 1s in Fireflies and Grasshoppers have been working hard with their phonics this half term and have learnt all the following phonemes:

/ea/ /oe/ /au/ /ew/ /ay/ /ie/ /ou/  /ey/ /wh/ /ph

We have set some practice assignments up on Spelling Shed for them and it would be really helpful if they could practice at least one game daily – as little and often practice is the best way to ensure new information gets stored in the long term memory.

All children should have their Spelling Shed log-ins to access the games.

We will also be setting spelling lists for the tricky (common exception) words – and with these words, children can earn certificates with the points that they amass!  Each point they earn goes towards their “Shed Score” – and this is the total of scores for the past rolling 7-day period.

All children start as an egg and can work their way up to a Royal Bee!

Fireflies Class Information

Welcome to Fireflies!

We hope you all had a lovely Summer break and are feeling refreshed and looking forward to starting school.

This term our topic is Sensational Structures. To find out about the learning that will be taking place this term, please visit the Fireflies information page ( just click on Classes>Fireflies>Information.) You will also find lots of useful links on the page that will help you to support your child’s learning at home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on

We are really looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your break!







Writing to the New September Intake

This week the children have been writing to the children at Little Explorers who will be starting school in September. They have told them all about school life. The children have been extremely motivated in their writing. They were very excited to think that all their friends at pre-school would read their letters.

Learning about Kenya 🇰🇪

As part of our topic work on Africa, Class 1 children have learning about the country of Kenya. They have learnt about the landscape of Kenya and compared village life in Kenya to life in Ditton Priors. To help the children understand the physical features of Kenya, the children have worked together to create and label their own 3D maps of Kenya. Some of the children have been so enthused by their work, they have even been creating their own maps at home.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Class 1 have produced some fantastic pieces of artwork based on the book ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance.‘ We have used their artwork along with their favourite quotes from the story, to make a lovely display. The children are very proud of their work and we thought parents at home would enjoy seeing it too!

Class 1 Termly Overview

Good evening,

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break.

This term our topic is African Wilderness. Please take a look at the class 1 information page to see what we shall be learning this term.

Many thanks,

Nicky Fox

The Easter Story

Children in Class 1 have been learning about the Easter story and why Christians celebrate Easter. The children started by learning about Palm Sunday. They retold the story through drama and used what they had learnt to write about the important events that took place on Palm Sunday. As the children continued to learn about the Easter story, we discussed the significance of the cross as a religious symbol. They enjoyed decorating a wooden cross (which was made for us by Mrs Welch) with flowers made from tissue paper and painted egg cartons. We even took the cross with us to Forest School. At Forest school, the children made Easter gardens and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with a mathematical twist. Their efforts were rewarded with a treat from the Easter Bunny which went down a treat!
Palm Sunday
Wishing you all a happy Easter from Class 1.

Special Visitor in Class 1.

Class 1 have been reading the books ‘Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’ and Mr Gumpy’s outing.’ They were really excited to have a visit from Mr Gumpy today. They had already prepared their questions for Mr Gumpy and really enjoyed the opportunity to ask him them.They were able to find out lots of information about him. They found out where he lived, if he had any pets and how fast his car could go. There were also lots of requests to go for a ride in his motor car and his boat! The children will be using what they have found out to write what they have learnt about Mr Gumpy.