We have a ‘RICH‘ Curriculum that is founded on four key principles. The curriculum aims to be:

Relevant: teaching subjects in a way that relates to childrens’ lives and experiences, now and in the future, and offer thought-provoking and real-life contexts for learning.

Inspiring: providing memorable, exciting experiences that promotes high levels of engagement and offers opportunities which lead to high quality and deep learning.

Challenging: aims high and raises aspirations within a supportive community that encourages independent thinking and resilience.

Holisitic: follows the belief that all children can succeed within a positive and nurturing environment, and inspires the development of the whole child by providing personalised learning opportunities that encourage children to achieve academically, socially and emotionally.

We want to make sure that children go off to Secondary School as confident young people with a love of learning, the academic skills they need to do well in their studies and the social skills to make the best of the opportunities that are offered.

We aim to provide a curriculum that is innovative yet structured and challenging whilst being supportive. We hope it is exciting and motivates children to make the most of their potential, regardless of ability, race or gender.

Through providing pupils with a range of stimulating activities covering all curriculum areas, we aim to enable children to develop new skills, assimilate knowledge and develop the ability and understanding to make informed choices and judgements.

Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to make links, develop their ideas, extend their learning and identify their strengths and areas for development with independence and increasing confidence.

Within each topic, there are opportunities for the children to go on educational visits in the local area and beyond. These provide a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn outside of the classroom, and an exciting stimulus from which to extend and consolidate their work in school.

We also ensure that all decisions about teaching and learning are made in keeping with our values. Our Values Statement was agreed by the whole school community and sets out what we want for our school and how we try to live those values out.

Growth Mindset

At Brown Clee CE Primary School, we have a growth mind set culture. We believe that all children can achieve with the right attitude and approach and have developed a set of ‘SMART’ learning behaviours that promote successful learning:-

A good learner is…

Self-believing: Believe in yourself. Have a ‘can-do’ approach to everything you do. Be smiley and enthusiastic about all areas of learning. Ask questions, seek advice and join in!

Motivated: Learn for yourself – do it because you want to! If you’re stuck, don’t sit there waiting for an adult and do nothing, ask what you can do to help yourself.No matter how hard the work, persevere! Always do your homework on time.

Ambitious: Be aspirational! Ok is not enough – aim for excellence! With hard work there is no limit to what you can achieve. Have a go at tricky work – challenge leads to success.

Resilient: Make mistakes – but learn from them. If your work isn’t excellent it isn’t finished. Respond to feedback positively and always act on it to improve your work.You are responsible for your own work and effort.

Team-spirited: Offer help, encouragement and praise to other pupils. Work well on your own and as part of a team. Be motivated by the success of others. Be happy for others’ success – ask “If they can do it, why can’t I?”

Our approach to growth mind set is based on the research of Carol Dweck (2000) which recognises that a child’s approach to learning can enable them to fulfil their potential and set them on the path to a love of life-long learning. There are two types of mind set – fixed and growth. A fixed mind set limits potential where as a growth mind set supports growth and development.

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