We believe that school uniform plays an important part in our success as a school. It helps newcomers feel that they belong from the very beginning and means that no one feels singled out by their dress. We feel that setting a smart standard of dress encourages high standards of work and behaviour.

We recently reviewed our school uniform as a result of the curriculum guidance requiring 2 hours of P.E lessons a week, and also in-line with the Chief Medical Officers’ guidance that children should participate in moderate physical activity for an average of at least 60 minutes per day across the week.  As a result we have an active school uniform which is comfortable, practical and easy to care for.

Children wear plain, black sporting bottoms, eg joggers, leggings, shorts with a green sports t-shirt with the school logo, and a black, long-sleeved sports top with the school logo.  All personalised uniform can be ordered from Lads and Lasses School Uniform in Bridgnorth: 01746 761701 or via this link: Lads & Lasses School Uniform

Brown Clee Black Tracksuit Top


Children need to wear training shoes that they can fasten themselves.

Socks should be black, grey or white.

We do advise parents to ensure their child’s uniform is permanently labelled in order to minimise the chances of losing uniform.


The wearing of jewellery is not permitted.  Earrings can prove to be dangerous and are easily lost.  If your child has pierced ears, please ensure that only small studs are worn.  These items MUST NOT BE WORN during PE lessons.  We strongly advise all ear piercing to be carried out over the summer holidays in order that they have time to heal so that earrings can be taken out for PE.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will staff cover or remove earrings.

Buying Uniform

You can find out more about buying uniform on the uniform shop page of our Parents’ Area:

Uniform Shop