Essential Skills – Skills Builder Partnership

Our mission is to nurture and empower everyone to to be the best they can be. Children who are able to master the essential skills can make the most of their time in school, and thrive in their wider lives. So we are working with the Skills Builder Partnership to support every child to build those skills as a core part of their learning here at Brown Clee School.

To find out more about what Skills Builder is and why it is so important for children to learn essential skills please watch the following video:

The work of the Skills Builder Partnership centres around the Universal Framework for Essential Skills, which shows how to build essential skills at every stage of life.

Essential skills unlock learning in the classroom, boosting academic outcomes, perseverance and self belief. They halve the likelihood of being out of work, and increase earnings across a lifetime. They even boost wellbeing and life satisfaction.

There are 8 Essential Skills and we teach them explicitly throughout the year – click and explore on the icons below:


The following video provides you with how to use the Skills Builder Homezone to really help support your children to develop these 8 essential skills:




Listening Skills
Problem Solving
Speaking Skills
Aiming High
Staying Positive
Leadership Skills
Creativity Skills