Home Learning – Monday 18th January

Good morning Class 2 and Parents,

I hope you have all have a lovely weekend and are ready for week 3 of home learning!

Miss McKelvey sent me a text on Saturday morning to say that she had received her card and said thank you for all the lovely messages you had written to her.

Home Learning – Daily Activities 18.1.21

Phonics/Spellings – When to use ‘a’ or ‘an’?

PowerPoint – Using ‘a’ or ‘an’ ppt


English – Billy and the Minpins

Listen to Chapter 3 of the story.


Billy and the Minpin slides – Inside the houses.


Maths – Multiplication

Year 1 – Making Doubles

Hit the Button Game


Year 1 Doubling sheets

ladybird doubles



Year 2 – Using Arrays


Year 2 Arrays Sheet – Year 2 Using Arrays

Maths Fishing Game


Reading Comprehensions

Year 1 – The Odd Coin: Year 1 The Odd Coin

Year 2 – Alexander’s Adventure – Year 2 Alexander’s Adventure

Handwriting – s & f


PE Dance Warm up


PE Let’s Dance – To market, to market!



The Story of Siddhartha, The Swan and The Monkey King


How to look after pets PowerPoint – How to look after pets PowerPoint