Daily learning Class 1- 27.3.20

Good morning everyone!

After today we will have done a whole week of remote teaching! It has been different to say the least. I think everyone has done extremely well. Children you must thank your parents for all their hard work! Thank you from Mrs Fox too!

I am missing you all but the pictures are keeping me going! This morning should be Forest School. Mrs Rollings has suggested an activity to do today.

FOREST SCHOOL: do some bark rubbings, looking at the different textures and looking at how different trees have different bark. Mrs Rollings has also suggested that you download the free woodland trust app- British Tree Identification and try and identify different species of trees.

Year 1’s should have a spelling test today. So instead of having a test, I would like you to choose 5 of your spellings to use in a sentence.


DANCE Miss Relph has sent this link:


Complete the first session only- Bees do the waggle dance.


MUSIC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06d0njh Listen and sing along to Incy,Wincy Spider. Then identify and clap the beat. Next find different ways to move to the beat…click fingers, tap knees . How inventive can you be?


 MATHS: Weight and Mass lesson 1.

ALL: Watch the white rose video you will need to use this link:  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Year ones complete the weight activities using this link:


Reception- choose an item from home – find things that are heavier and lighter than it. Record your findings using:

_________ is heavier than ______

_____________ is lighter than _____________.

Have a lovely day! I love receiving your photos and I know everyone else enjoys seeing them too!

Mrs Fox


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