Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day



Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we thought about signs of Spring and how they can give us optimism and hope that things are brightening up!  It was so lovely indeed to see and feel the warmth of the sun in the afternoon!  Following the announcement last night, things are definitely brightening up in terms of getting back to normal in school too!  We are so happy that we can welcome all children back into their classrooms in 2 weeks time!

This week I would like to think about the importance of having resilience and motivation with learning (sometimes called Growth Mindset) and I’d like to begin with this video.

What did you learn from watching it?  Did you know that you could make your brain grow?!?  How amazing is that!  However it will only grow if we use it – and that is what we are asking everyone to focus on for the next 2 weeks with the remote learning – that you use your brain to practise key skills and carry out all work independently – so that you are using your own brain – and not borrowing a parent or siblings brain!

We know that it can be challenging when we are asked to learn something new, or are given an activity that seems really difficult – and we talk a lot about persevering and never giving up – resilience.  But it takes time and effort, and isn’t always easy!  But imagine if Steve Jobs had given up and not persevered – there would be no ipads or iphones!

So today, as you carry out your remote learning – make sure you are using those brain cells and firing your neurones through lots of practise and perseverance – and you will grow your brain!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
We all face challenges.
They may be difficult, tough and even overwhelming.
We pray for calmness and peace as we approach these challenges.
We pray that when we feel like we are caught in the middle of a storm,
Your words will comfort and support us as we remember that:
‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’
Help us, today, to keep going with the right support when the going gets tough.
May we always be willing to ask for help.