Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I hope you managed to get out and enjoy the snow this weekend – whether it was sledging or building a snowman, snow always brings so much fun!  I was out yesterday afternoon clearing my paths and could hear the shrieks of laughter on the local hill where children go sledging and it was a wonderful sound!  Such joy and happiness!

Sadly snow and ice can also bring problems like icy roads and school closures – which we have sadly had to do today for our keyworker child care…apologies for the inconvenience to those families that needed the child care but the icy condition of the roads meant we have to put safety first.

The good news is that remote learning is still being posted, and we are still holding our first ever whole school Pet Show and Tell Session this afternoon at 1pm!  Watch out in your emails for a link to the Microsoft Teams Meeting!

So today we have good news and bad news – and this is often the case, that we can have good experiences as well as bad experiences.  The trick is to develop the ability to maintain a positive outlook and focus on the good – as vice versa, where there is bad news there will also be good news!

So being able to develop a positive attitude is an important skill, and one that can also help with learning.  Have a think as you watch this short video…are you a Sophie or a Jack?

Hmmm….I would like to be a Sophie, but I know at times I can be a bit like Jack and think that something might be too tricky or difficult, or that I’m not confident enough to do something….but I wonder if I started to think more positively, it might help me to be braver, and to give things a go that previously I might have thought I couldn’t do?

As you go through the day and if you come up against something that you think is difficult, or that you can’t do – be a Sophie, and have a positive attitude – and think what can you do to overcome the challenge.


Prayer of the Day

Lord God, you give to us

the joy of being alive,

the company of others,

the opportunities of each new day.

Bless this school community,

and each and every member of it,

today and always.