Off to St Paul’s Cathedral!

Right – time to get ready to continue our tour – make sure you have got all your belongings – we are off to St Paul’s Cathedral!  To get there we are walking through the financial centre, called the City of London – keep your eyes out for some fascinating architecture!

First of all we are walking past a building called “The Gherkin” – can you see why it gets it’s name!?

30 St Mary Axe from Leadenhall Street.jpg


Keep moving though, as we don’t want to be late!  Next we walk past Lloyds of London, the centre for the London Insurance business…

Look how tall it is – what do you think the outside is made of?

Next we go past a more traditional building – the Bank of England…

Bank of England building, London, UK

before arriving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Accessibility at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

…isn’t it grand!!!  Let’s go in and find out all about it!  Remember we must be quiet and respectful!