Reflection Time and Prayer of the Week

Good Morning Brown Clee!

This morning I would like you to look at the following pictures.  See if you can describe what you see and find something in common – something that is the same about them all….

…..a choir of children singing…

….children in a football team having a group hug…

…a group of children in a tennis club…

..a group of rainbow guides..

Have you worked out what they all have in common??  They are all pictures of people in groups…can you think of a word that we might call these groups?  ….yes, a TEAM!

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Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
We all belong to various communities, clubs and groups.
We pray for all of the people we know in these groups: the leaders and the members as well as ourselves.
We thank you for all those who care for us, our families and our friends, and for our school.
Please help us to look after the people in our school.
Please help us to play our part in making this a happy and special community.