Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our ‘live’ virtual assembly this morning as Mrs Fox and myself are interviewing to find our new Class 1 Teacher on a Friday.  But we will be live tomorrow – when we need to be thinking of saying farewell to a very special member of staff – but shhhhhhhh – we won’t mention that today!

Today, I would like us to continue to think about the importance of learning from our mistakes!  Can you remember the word that describes this skill?  …… was RESILIENCE!  And it is such an important life skill that will help us all to succeed!  If we weren’t resilient we may never have learnt to walk……watch this clip of a toddler learning to walk…I wonder how many mistakes she made along the way?

How many times did this little girl fall down? How long do you think it took her to learn to walk?  Imagine if she had given up and not tried again!?

In our lives, we all face challenges. We all ‘stumble’ at some points; we all fall down and have to get up and keep on trying. There are times when we stumble in our school studies, when learning a new sport, when we need to give a presentation to a group of people, when we apply for a job, and when we interact and build friendships and relationships with others. When this happens, we have a choice to make – do we give up or do we get up and try again?

Do you remember me sharing how J K Rowling had her first Harry Potter book turned down by publishers 12 times?  She had many other challenges too – listen to her talk in this clip about how stumbling and failure were actually positives for her….listen and think about how she had to rebuild her life up from ‘rock bottom’….how she had to start again. Then think about how you might apply resilience in your life – at school or home, to help you succeed when things get tough.


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can learn from every difficult situation.
Please help us to be people of resilience.
Help us to get back up again when things go wrong.
Help us never to give up.
Help us to persevere.
Thank you for the courage and resilience of people who have shown us that stumbling need not mean failure,
For people we know and for inspirational figures who are role models to us.
We are thankful for their example.
Give us the courage and determination to use the power of ‘yet’.