Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we thought about how important it is to have strong foundations  – and that how it is our values and goals that can really make a difference to how we live our lives, and to how well we succeed in life.   We talked about how primary school is where we learn the skills and knowledge that we need to help us achieve and succeed as we get is where we learn to read, to understand, to use and apply mathematical skills, to find out about the world around us, as well as learning how to interact respectfully and work together successfully.  Without securing these skills at primary school – we will find things much more challenging as we get older.

And life is challenging!  I am still practising my computing and virtual assembly skills so that I can hopefully overcome the challenges of holding whole school assemblies using the laptops and big screens!  We all experience challenges….can you think of any challenges that you have had to deal with recently?  How did they make you feel?  How did you react to them?  Did you overcome your challenge?

Here is a video clip of a young girl with a challenge – see if you can spot what it is, and then come up with a word that describes how she overcame the challenge and succeeded…

Did you think of a word?  You might have thought of a word from our motto…..PERSEVERANCE….which means hat even when things get really hard for us, we don’t give up. A well-known saying is: When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

So as we go through this week, we will think more about the skill of perseverance, as even though it can be hard to do sometimes, it is an important skill that will help you to succeed and soar!

Prayer of the Day

Dear Lord,
sometimes it’s hard to keep trying.
It’s hard when things are tough
or when everything seems to be going wrong.
Please help us never to give up
but always to persevere.
Please help us to be people who encourage others to keep trying
as we all aim for different goals in life.
Thank you that you never give up on us.

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