Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Did you enjoy the story?  Poor old Gerald – how do you think he felt when the other animals in the jungle laughed at him? …..sad, upset, hurt, embarrassed….  Have you ever felt like this?  I know I have at times – I think everybody has at times – and it isn’t nice is it?  It can cause you to lose confidence in yourself and make you feel like you don’t want to give things a go.

And that’s where having a positive attitude is so important – as we are going to come up with problems and difficulties all through our life, so we need to learn how to handle them.  Having a positive attitude will certainly help – it certainly helped Gerald the Giraffe – as he didn’t stop believing in himself, he listened to the wise little cricket, and he persevered!  He finally showed the jungle animals that giraffes certainly can dance!

So as we go through this week, when we might be finding things difficult – we might be missing our friends, or struggling with the remote learning – try and think like Gerald, and think positive thoughts.  It isn’t always easy, and we will think about how we can develop a positive mindset as we go through the week.


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

We thank you that you have made us stronger than we think.

We thank you that we are able to do and achieve far more than we think,

because you have made us in your image.

Thank you that you have promised us your help and wisdom and strength,

whenever we need it.