Reflection Time and Daily Prayer

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend! It was wonderful to see the photos of you all celebrating VE Day on Friday in that fantastic sunshine!

There has been lots to reflect on recently, particularly since the Prime Ministers’ broadcast last night. There are so many uncertainties at the moment and uncertainties can sometimes cause all sorts of worries; often we can worry about things that we can’t control.

At the moment, the coronavirus is quite possibly the root cause of many of our worries. There is a picture book by Jon Burgerman called “Everybody Worries” written to help children (and adults!) who may be worried about the coronavirus.

So whether you are the bravest of the brave, or smartest of the smart, we all have worries and it is perfectly ok to have worries…but it is important to share them by talking about them. And as the book says, ‘this’ won’t last forever, and we can overcome anything if we work together!

Prayer of the Day


Be with us in our hearts today, in our work and in our play.
Help us not to worry, Lord, on days when things get tough.
Show us that by facing them, that will be enough.
Worry gets us nowhere, worry doesn’t pay.
Help us, Lord, to understand this lesson every day.