Reflection of the Day

I am sure everyone is aware of the amazing fundraising superstar called Captain Tom Moore!  He is an absolute prime example of our SMART learning behaviours – such motivation and ambition, and what an amazing achievement!  He has raised over £20 MILLION so far by walking 100 times around his house at the age of 99 – what a hero!

I thought you might like to know some of his background…

Captain Tom Moore was born on April 30th in 1920. His parents and family were local builders in Keighley, Yorkshire, where he spent much of his life. He attended Keighley Grammar School as a child, and later went on to complete an apprenticeship as a Civil Engineer. But in 1940, aged just 20, his education took a pause as he was conscripted into the army to fight in World War Two.

Tom joined the 8th Battalion of The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, with whom he was sent to Cornwall to defend the coast as the threat of a German invasion loomed.

After being selected for officer training, Tom quickly rose up through the ranks to captain and in 1941, was enlisted to India. The journey to Bombay took six weeks by sea. There, Captain Tom was instructed to start a motorcycle course for his regiment, before moving onto Calcutta in a treacherous three week road trip in the the midst of the monsoon season. Later, he served and fought on the Arakan in Burma – a British colony which was invaded by the Japanese. He moved further south with his troops to Rangoon, then the capital of Burma and a major port, before the Japanese surrendered. After his overseas duties were said and done, Tom returned to the UK to become an instructor at The Armoured Fighting Vehicle School in Bovington, Dorset, where he continued to work until all tanks and troops were demobilised. But his life did not quieten down after that.

After he came out of the army Tom raced his Scott motorbike around Yorkshire and won several cups and medals. He also organised the annual reunion of his regiment for 64 years – the longest continual annual reunion in the Duke of Wellington Regiment.

If you click here you can see the video of his final lap of the house!


On the 30th April, Captain Tom Moore is 100 years old!  I wondered whether anyone would like to send him a birthday message, drawing or card?  If you do, email them to and we will send them onto Captain Tom!

Such an amazing achievement really shows what we can do when we try, and we work together!  So there’s a little song here you might want to join in with!




Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you for the school, the clubs and the family that we are part of.
Please help us to encourage and support others.
Please help us to play our parts in the teams that we are in.
Please help us to encourage unity.
Thank you.