Class 4 – Remote Learning – 06.01.21

Before I go through all of today’s work, here is the email sent out yesterday regarding Remote Learning (in case you missed it): Remote Learning.


Here is what this week’s lessons would look like as a typical timetable (if we were doing  the work in school). Although the amount of working being set is not as much as it would be if we were school, you may find it useful to follow. It also gives you a bit of a heads-up as to what to expect throughout the week (it may occasionally change though). Please don’t feel you have to follow this format; you can divide your time up however it works best for you.


Email Set Up / Seesaw

A lot of you have already emailed me to let me know that you have accessed new school emails and Seesaw as according to yesterday’s email. If you haven’t had a chance to set things up, you could spend some time today doing so. If you have any questions on this, please let me know (


Email  / Seesaw Warm-up Tasks

The purpose of these tasks is just to give you a chance to test/try out submitting work from home. If you need to do anything written, you can write it on paper and take a photo (like we usually do in maths) or you could type your answer – with any of the work over the next few weeks, as long as it’s clear and obvious what it is you’re sending in, I don’t mind the format you do it in! I’m aware some people may have different resources available. Some of you may be able to print things off and write on them and send a picture in as your response, others might find it easier to edit picture digitally with text or you may just write your work on a blank piece of paper. As always, if you’re unsure of anything, please email.

The activities themselves are pretty easy and there’s no real wrong answers (apart from question 1…). If there are any issues using emails or submitting work, we can try and sort them now! If emailing in your work, then complete the tasks below and email it in. If using Seesaw, then submit your activities using Seesaw. You don’t need to do both!

Here are your tasks:

1.) Find and take one picture of any kind of plant.
2.) Write a very short story (with a maximum of 30 words!)
3a.) Decide on which of the following ways a dog would wear trousers and explain your answer.

3b.) Decide on which of the following ways a giraffe would wear a tie and explain your answer.



Our text for this term is “Who Let the Gods Out” by Maz Evans. Here are the front and back covers:

Your task in English is to predict what this book will be about. You will also need to explain why you think (what’s your evidence). Aim for about 5 – 10 different predictions. A very simple prediction might be “I think the book will be about Gods because the title is ‘Who Let the Gods Out’.”



Here are are some questions – they should be relatively straightforward as they are recapping some of what we did before Christmas; however, if you are stuck with anything, please let me know.

Fractions bigger than 1 – W1



Here is today’s spelling tasks:

Words end in ious – Lesson 1

With the second part of this, remember to have a go at spelling the word each time without looking at it!


Independent reading

As always, you should be spending some time every day reading; however, as we would usually do in school, it would be great if you spend an extra 30 minutes today  reading your book. If anyone is stuck for reading material, please let me know and I can see what I can do.



We are going to recap the countries of Europe. If you have an iPad/iPhone, you could install the free version of the World Maps (that we used last term) and have a few goes at that first. If not, you could have a go at the game on this website: Note that the World Maps game does not include all countries of Europe – whereas the website above will.

Once you think you’ve got a good understanding of the countries, you could try and label as many as you possible can on this map: Map of Europe


These are completely unusual and unexpected times, so pleased don’t feel pressured that you need to have got everything right first time. There’s bound to be some problems on the way – particularly to start with.


Please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.