Long Mynd Adventure Camp


Written by Ruby, Keira, Abigail, Charlotte, Megan and Mollie

The Walk.

To get to the camp we walked up and over the Long Mynd. Our bus dropped us off at Carding Mill Valley, which we walked straight up. We saw lots of sheep springing around on our way through!

We eventually reached a waterfall and we were allowed to dip our heads under to get refreshed.

On our way up, the stunning scenery was breath-taking enough, but the wild ponies made it absolutely phenomenal!

Once we finally got to the top, we stopped for lunch, where we had beautiful visitor who seemed to like licking lunch boxes – a fabulous pony. Emily, Lily and Joanna had to tempt it away with an apple.

On our way down off the Long Mynd, we had to walk really closely to a tiny foal and its mother, and we all had to be silent so not to scare it. It took a bit more time than we expected and when we eventually got to the camp everyone was very tired and rather sweaty! It may have been 10.5 miles but it was really fun!


The Camp.

After walking 10.5 miles in 4 hours, we finally arrived at Long Mynd Adventure camp. The camp was a large main hall with a big field at the front, seven cabins at the back and a toilet block. We were all very tired when we got there and most of us had a warm shower and made our bunks feel like home. Throughout our stay, Mr Harley kept doing cabin checks to make sure our bunks were tidy.

After setting everything up and having some free time, we had a delicious dinner made by Mrs Davies who was helped by Mr Smith. We then had a delicious cake and some custard each for pudding.

We then played a game were we had to act out a famous book or movie without saying any of the words in the title of it. After that, we played a game, where in our cabins, we had to number ourselves and then had a series of different challenges to do, with each winner gaining points for their cabin. It was really fun! We finally had some hot chocolate and a biscuit before we went to bed.


The Climb.

The next day, we all went rock climbing. We were first split into two groups, but before we left to go, we had a ice lollies that Mrs Relph had brought the day before. We also did an obstacle course whilst we waited for the bus.

The first group went rock climbing whilst the other group went on a scavenger hunt. We got handed a sheet with pictures of the different places of the scavenger hunt and we had to follow a route by recognising what what was on the picture around us. We finally reached the top of a big rock where if you carefully looked all the way down, you could see the other group right at the bottom doing their climbing. It looked a really long way.

Once the group had finished climbing, we all stopped for lunch in the nearby meadow. We then swapped over, and the group that were climbing did the scavenger hunt, but in reverse. Rock climbing was so much fun as we got to do it on an actual rock. We had to help each other with the ropes and we were all connected in case the person climbing fell. The people at the bottom had to carefully pull their rope through as the person got higher up. They then abseiled down and we had to carefully feed the rope back so that the person could get back down.


The Final Day.

On our final day, we had our breakfast and then had to tidy everything up for the next group who would be visiting later that day. We then walked a short way up the road to the bus before heading back to school.

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