Class 4 – Remote Learning – 22.01.21

Good morning.


Here’s this week’s rough timetable of what this week would look like if we were in school. Again, the amount of work isn’t going to be as much as if we were in school, but you may find it useful to follow. If you’d rather structure your day a different way, please feel free.

Meeting Larry – Part 2

Today’s live session will start at 2:00pm today. I will send an invite to those that have let me know they want to join at 11am.



I remembered to include our handwriting today. Looking at some of the work sent in, I think this is something we need to make sure we practise.


For our handwriting session, I would like you to start at the very first page of your reading book and copy what it says. Spend 15-20minutes doing this. Make sure you don’t rush it, but at the same time make sure you spend your time writing – without getting distracted.



Maths: Reasoning from known facts

Today’s lesson will look at how we can use facts we already know (or have been given to us) to solve problem


Here is today’s video – which talks through this idea with some diagrams and calculations:

Here is the work sheet: Reason from known facts (3)


Maths: Extension

Here are some optional questions for you to have a go at today after finishing the main activity if you want something a bit more challenging (Q3 and 4 are particularly difficult)

Maths Extension – 22.01


Class Read

Here is today’s chapter:




Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

As we usually do in school, here is a Sentence / Fragment / Run-on task:

Sentence, Fragment, Run-on 22.01

The first page is just information / a recap on the difference is between an sentence, a fragment and a run-on.


TTRS/Spelling Shed



Today for spelling shed and TTRS, we are going to have some Hive Games and Arena matches.

TTRS arena games are going to be tricky, but if as many of you as possible plan to go on the Arena game mode at 11:00, then there should be enough to play games against each other.


I have also set up some Hive Games on Spelling Shed – we will start the first of these games at 11:40 and once finished, we will start the next game straight after.
Here are the codes for these games:
GAME 1: 690518
GAME 2: 
GAME 3: 



Here’s your spellings for today: -cial (2)

We’re continuing with the -cial pattern.




Your task in art is to research “Greek patterns”. Have a look through what you find. They should look similar to this:

Your task is to choose your 5 favourite and try to draw them yourself.


If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even try and do some extra ones of your own!



As always, please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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