Class 4 – Remote Learning – 08.01.21

Good morning all!

Well done for yesterday’s work.


A few things from yesterday which might be useful in further improving what we are doing:

  • Lots of have been putting a balance number next to your work, like we do in school – which is a fantastic idea and incredibly useful! Remember, our balance number is a number from 1-9 – and shows how you feel about that particular piece of learning. 1 meaning you really aren’t sure about what you are doing. 9 meaning you feel you are really secure with what you are doing
  • If you are sending emails (which is great), please send them to
  • A few of you are rushing through your work (which I know is very tempting when it is all available at once), but please try to take your time/care with your work.
  • With the maths, don’t worry if you are struggling to answer the later questions – but please still try and give them a go. I’d much prefer you understand the first page and half well than for you to have answered everything but not understood it.




Here are some EBM questions for you to have a go at before maths.

EBM – 08.01


Maths: Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Like yesterday, there is a video for today’s maths lessons. It is really important you watch this as it explains your learning.


Yesterday, you were looking at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Today, you will be looking at the other way around: converting mixed numbers to improper fraction.


Here is the video link:

Here is the worksheet: MN to IF – W1


If you have any issues with the video, please let me know.



Spelling Shed / Times Tables Rockstars

As we usually do on Friday, you are going to spend some time practising your times tables and spellings on TTRS and Spelling Shed. If you could aim for about 30 minutes of each, that would be great – you could spread it out throughout the day if you prefer.


Remember, with Spelling Shed, once you have achieved Soldier or Royal Bee status, you can move on to the next list.


If anyone needs their Username and/or password sending, please let me know.




Here is your spelling activity for today – which is continuing with the “ious” pattern. All you have to do is write the correct word into each sentence. You can look up the meaning of any of the words if you need to.

Words end in ious – Lesson 2




In science this term, we are going to look at the properties and changes of materials. To start off, we are going to recap (and build on) some learning you will have done in Class 3 on the states of matter – e.g. solids, liquids and gases.


Here is your lesson:

which explains the difference between these states.


As with yesterday’s history lesson, once you click on the link, you just need to follow the instructions. There is a video to watch – which has some questions within it. Once you have watched the video, you can press “next” and there is a quiz at the end.

If you could send me a picture or a screenshot of what you have done for this, that would be perfect!



As always, please email me ( any question if you are confused with or don’t understand anything.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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