Class 4 – Daily Activities – 22.05

Good morning. Before you check out today’s activities, here are yesterday’s answers. Today’s answers will be posted this evening.

If you missed a maths video/lesson or want to revisit something, here are the previous posts.


As always, you don’t have to do these activities at a set time or in a set order – that’s all up to you. Also, you don’t have to be doing work all day! Feel free to send in some pictures or videos of some of the other things you have been doing at home.




Early Bird Maths


Year 5 maths:

Y5 maths video:

Click the link below to go to the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y5 maths activity:

Y5 – Equivalent fractions 2019

Year 6 maths:

Y6 maths video:

Click the link below to go to the video clip. You can pause it if you need to.


Y6 maths activity:

Y6 – Multiply fractions by fractions


Extension – Problems of the Day



Daily Video


1.) What ere the animals and trees made from?
2.) What caused the forest fire?
3.) What caused an “oil spill” in the water?
4.) Who was this animation made for?
5.) Do you think there is a message behind this story? If you do, what do you think it is?


Here’s another handwriting activity. Copy up the following in your neatest handwriting:


The voices continued as Carl carefully pressed down on the handle. At first, he could not see anything – due to the bright light coming from inside the room. Carl’s ears swivelled as his eyes adjusted. Eventually, he could make out the back of Mr Snuffle’s chair and two drooping white ear sticking out above it. Carl could hear the voices much clearer now. Despite the length of the room, he could even make out some of what was being said.


“They arrived last night. We need to stop whatever they’re planning!” a hoarse, crackling voice echoed from behind chair. Carl stepped forward to see if he could make out who – or what – Mr Snuffles was talking to. As he stepped forward, his tail swept along behind him, catching the priceless vase resting on the podium behind him. Carl’s years of training meant he had incredible reflexes. He turned quickly his orange paws reaching out to grab the falling vase. The problem was however – in his desperate attempt to stop the vase falling – Carl’s hind paws had made just enough noise to alert Mr. Snuffles. The bright light was instantly extinguished and the voices ceased immediately. The large black turned, and across the vast room, Carl could see the confusion, shock – and the slightest hint of panic – across his boss’s face…



Today’s computing task is to create a program on Scratch. You can use the tutorials if you want.

Here’s a link to the Scratch website:

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