Yesterday’s answers

Here are the answers from yesterday’s questions:
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Problems of the day

Bar Models

Challenge of the day

There could be other solutions – but I haven’t seen any yet.

Did anyone notice anything about the starts of each of the names in each puzzle?

Here’s some examples of the correct answers sent in:


Sentence / Fragment / Run-on

1.) Sentence
2.) Fragment (subordinate clause)
3.) Sentence
4.) Fragment (could be an adverbial phrase or verb phrase – I think…)
5.) Fragment (adverbial phrase)
6.) Run-on (This was is really hard because I forgot to put the “friends” in the second clause – however, it should still be two separate sentences. I’d separate them with a dash, a semi-colon or a colon – rather than a full stop though.
7.) Sentence
8.) Run-on (full stop/semi-colon/dash instead of comma)
9.) Run-on (full stop/semi-colon/dash after “food”)
10.) Fragment (noun phrase)



Here’s some of yesterday’s work that was sent in:


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