School Uniform Alternative

Following from some feedback from several parents (and a lot of children), we have been looking at exploring some additional/alternative options with our current “jumpers”. The general consensus was that, whilst the current tops are suitable for spring/summer months, they are not particularly warm for the winter. We are therefore looking at adding a thicker hooded option as part of our school uniform (see images below). These would be provided by our same uniform provider (Lads and Lasses) – who have said these will cost £14.99 or £16.99 (if in an adult size).


Alongside widening our uniform options, we are also exploring ways in which we can further lessen the financial burden of uniform for those that it particularly impacts. One of these is that we are currently looking at ways in which FOBCS could run a second-hand uniform “shop” based from school. We will let you know of further details on this as soon as we can.