Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

This half term we have been thinking about friendship, and today I would like us to think about the friendship we get – and give – from having pets.  I am just back from walking one of my pets, Rosie, and have been brave and recorded my thoughts – as I have had an idea!

I am very aware that during lockdowns, we can keep learning going with the remote learning activities we post, and with the support of your parents, but it is much harder to keep the connections and contact going – the chats and the interactions. This interaction is so important and I have had an idea…..

So I would like to set up a remote session for Brown Clee children to participate in a ‘Pet Assembly’!  This is something we definitely cannot do in school – can you imagine the chaos of having dogs, cats, horses, snails, fish, mice and goodness knows what else in the school hall all at the same time!  However, it is something that we can do remotely!

Last week I mentioned that pets are as much our friends as our classmates – and they are – as they bring us so much joy and love.  They make us smile, they are excited to see us, they teach us to be compassionate, kind and caring.  Pets are an important part of our lives and they make our lives so much richer and better for being part of it.

Some of you may not have pets (they are fun but they are also a lot of work and a huge commitment), but by sharing them in an assembly, I thought it would provide an opportunity for all of us to get together – even at a distance.  So later this week I will post instructions and guidance on the website about  how we can do this – you can either email in a photo, a picture, a description, or join us ‘live’ on Microsoft Teams (you will need your parents to help) to share your pets, and remind us all of the benefits and importance of sharing our lives with animals who are our friends.

He’s a Mutt Lyrics

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you for all the wonderful animals in the world.
We thank you especially for our pets.
They make us so happy.
They teach us so much.
Help us to look after our pets.
Help us to be kind and loving to all of your creatures.
We thank you for the RSPCA who rescue many animals from danger.





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