Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we had a think about how our words and actions can influence other people – even if we don’t intend them to!  We listened to the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – and also learnt that we shouldn’t always believe everything we hear.  Sometimes people might be intentionally trying to trick us – and other times, we might misinterpret what we hear and accidentally get ourselves or other people into trouble.

Today I want us all to focus on taking responsibility for our actions and words – or as this video says, “Stop making excuses and own our actions”.  If we counted how many times we do or say things each day, this would be the number of times that we could influence how other people might feel or think – I wonder how many times this would be?  Our words and actions have power – they can cause great good – or harm – so it is really important that we “own them” and take responsibility for them.

Words have a lot of power. Once we say something about someone else it is very difficult to take it back, and sometimes we haven’t even said the words that someone else hears!  Have you ever played Chinese whispers – you could have a game now?

In this game, a message gets passed on, and during the game the message changes – people mishear. Sometimes, what is said and believed about things and people, can change very quickly and can spread very easily…this is called gossip or hearsay.

Today, I want us all to think carefully about the words that we say, and take responsibility for saying them – use your words wisely and kindly, and try and think before you speak!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
We often like to think of ourselves as being free to make our own decisions.
We thank you that you have given us free will, but we also acknowledge that we can be influenced by the behaviour and example of others.
Help us to use this power to influence others in a positive way.
We pray for the wisdom to make choices that help to show kindness, forgiveness, generosity, honesty, fairness and compassion to others in our world.


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