Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We normally have our ‘live’ assemblies today, but as we are currently holding parent feedback appointments we have rearranged this week, and our ‘live’ assembly will be tomorrow.  We know how important these are as they are the only time we actually get to see everyone in the Brown Clee Team!

Being a part of a team means so much – and we are all part of many different teams as well as the Brown Clee School team – each class is it’s own team, your families are a team, and you might be a member of a sporting team or Brownies and Cubs.  Being part of a team means that we aren’t alone – that we are part of something more than just ourselves – and when a team works well together it can achieve amazing things!

Think about the NASA team who managed to send the first astronauts to the moon – everyone had a part to play – everyone’s role in the team was equally important, and equally, everyone needs to work hard as part of a team in order to succeed.  Often we can also achieve so much more by working together….as this team of ‘fishermen’ find out in a story called “Fishing with Sam”.  Watch the story of the polar bear, the seal lion and the penguins – and think about what the story teaches you about the importance of working together as a team.

Did you notice how many big fish they managed to catch at the end when they were working together?  How did you think they all felt about the successes of working together?  Before there were lots of squabbles and disagreements, sad faces and hungry tummies!

So as we come to the end of our daily assembly, think about what you could achieve if you work well together as a team – could you achieve more?  Be happier? What can you do today in your class team to bring about success for everyone?

Prayer of the Day

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the world that you have created, which we share with other people.
Please help us to appreciate and celebrate the gifts of others.
Please help us not to become jealous, but to be grateful for our own gifts and abilities.
Thank you for the people who help us every day.
Please help each of us to play our parts in the community and wider world.



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