Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I hope you had a good weekend – I want to say well done to Class 4 first of all, who worked hard as a team last week, and on Saturday, to complete as many Times Table Rockstar games as possible in the Maths Week England Competition.  They did extremely well – and we are still awaiting the final results, but by the end of play on Saturday they were second in the whole country for the average school score – which is a tremendous achievement – well done Class 4! Everyone did really well – but a particular well done needs to go to Samuel and Elliot who came 21st and 19th in the whole country with massive scores over 130,000 correct answers! An amazing achievement!!  They have really demonstrated their potential with learning their timestables!

Do you know what the word ‘potential’ means? ….have a think in your class…

The dictionary defines potential as “Something that has not yet developed but is able to come into existence.”. I am going to show you some pictures of items – see if you can work out what their potential is….here’s the first one…

They are seeds….and if treated properly, with water and sunlight, they will grow into beautiful flowers or plants –

But what would happen if the seed was never planted or never watered?  Would it ever achieve it’s potential and grow into a flower? A seed can only fulfil its potential if it is in the correct place with the right conditions.

Here’s another picture…..’s a candle…what potential does a candle have?

A candle has the potential to give out light or even give out small amounts of heat but it can’t do this unless it is provided with a flame.

A flame has the potential to do good and bad. It may give out warmth or be used to cook food but it may also cause great devastation such as the Great Fire of London. Like the seed, a flame needs the right conditions to produce a large fire.

Now I want you to think about yourself…you all have great potential. In school you are provided with the right conditions to grow and fulfil your true potential in life. However, it is up to you to work hard, to try your best (even if things are difficult), to take hold of any new experiences you are offered and make sure that in the future you can be the person that you are capable of being. We are here to help you to reach your true potential ad be the best version of you that you can be – but we need you to be the one that works hard and perseveres – as we believe that you can all succeed in life.

Close your eyes and think about your life in school.  What things do you enjoy doing most?  What things do you find easy?  What things do you find hard?  Don’t just think about in lessons, think about playtime and dinnertime as well. Are there areas where this year you need to try a bit harder?

It is your choice! Can you make a decision now to try to do your best in all that you do?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

We thank you for all the wonderful things we can already do and for those things we are learning to do.

Help us to keep trying when we find things hard and live our lives in a way that will make you and our families proud of us and happy.

Please help us to try hard in everything we do so that we can achieve our true potential.


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