Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We normally have a ‘live’ virtual assembly on Wednesday and apologise that I am unable to be there on your screens today – but I am in the office carrying out virtual interviews for the position of our new Administrator!  We are all sad that Mrs Harman is leaving us at the end of this half term – and she will be missed loads – especially by me!  But we are fortunate to have had a strong selection of candidates and I will let you know who our new Administrator is once we have appointed them!

I would like to share a lovely moment that I had yesterday, when I was having a chat with Emily and Layla about Class 4 and whether they enjoyed taking part in Just Dance in the classroom.  Layla told me with a grin, that it was really tricky – and I agreed and said that I wasn’t very good at it yet – but I will keep practising!  How lovely it was to hear Layla’s response – which was “You are persevering Miss Relph!”  – she was absolutely right – I was!  The question is…..why do I persevere?  Why do I keep joining in if I see Just Dance  happening?  It isn’t just for fun – it is because I want to get better at it!

There are lots of things we either want, or need, to get better at – can you think of something that you need to get better at?   Maybe it is listening?  Or concentrating?  It might be not calling out in class?  Sometimes we need to persevere with little things as well as the big things! Maybe you could pick something, a little thing, and persevere to get better at it today?  Have a chat with your teacher and discuss what little things you could work at to improve?

Now enjoy these clips from Finding Nemo – and see if you can spot how they demonstrate perseverance?


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please be with us in times of weakness.
Give us the strength to overcome our difficulties.
Teach us to keep going when things are hard for us.
Help us not to take our gifts and talents for granted.


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