Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Last week we had a think about our school motto…

….and we talked about the meaning of each word, and important it is to have a dream or a goal, to believe in yourself and to work hard if you want to succeed.  Sometimes our goals might be BIG long term ones – such as Ida’s dream of being a chef and Isabel’s of wanting to be a doctor!  But goals can also be smaller and shorter term.

This week my goal is to learn how to use technology better so that our ‘live’ Wednesday Whole School assembly works so that every class can hear me speak and hear and see any videos or presentations that I am using.  This will take practise, time and effort, as well as teamwork – but because whole school assemblies are important to me, and because I value the opportunity for us all to be together as a school, then it is important that I lay these foundations, that I put time and effort into learning how to use the technology effectively.

We are all different, and we all have different goals.  Our school motto neatly sums up what our goal is as a school; which is to teach and nurture everyone in the Brown Clee team (and that includes staff) to have dreams and aspirations, to be confident and believe in themselves, and to help you to work hard so that you can succeed and be the best you can be.  Your time at primary school is such an important part of your life as it lays the foundations for all your future goals – and we are all here to help you lay strong foundations.

Our worship time today is led by Andy Mason of Pace Trust, a Christian schools work charity established in 1994, that works with local churches in Dorset to provide excellent learning opportunities in schools so that every student can ask their biggest questions, explore the Christian faith and investigate the life and claims of Jesus.  Listen to these wise words about making Good Foundations….and at the time for prayer, if you wish to make the prayer your own, please join in with Amen.

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