Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We would normally be holding our Well Done Assembly in the hall this morning, but sadly we are unable to do this at the moment.  However we intend, starting next Friday, to hold an online Well Done Assembly, where each class teacher will aware 2 certificates for achievements that week – so please check the school news next Friday to find out who will have earnt our first Well Done certificates of this new school year.

Today I thought we could have a short quiz about feelings!  I am sure that we have all (staff and parents included!) had a mix of feelings about the start of this new school year – you might have been worried, excited, happy or sad.  All feelings are important and all are ok to experience and feel – emotions are part of what make us human!   The important thing is that we learn to manage them so that we can work and play together in harmony.  But how can we manage feelings unless we can identify them?

So enjoy the quiz – maybe your teacher can pause it at the end of each countdown and you could guess which feeling is being demonstrated!   I will give you a clue to the first one – it is how I felt yesterday when the school was full of children!

Did you guess them correctly?   Did you feel any of them before you came back to school yesterday?  Did these feelings change once you had arrived at school?

Did you spot how I felt yesterday?   Yes, I was happy – because the school was ‘alive’ again with the sound of happy children!  So as we go into the weekend, have a think about how you feel now that you are back at school – and think about what you can do to make it a happy place to be!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God

Thank you for our wonderful school.

Help us to be good learners.

Help us to look after each other.

Help us be respectful and kind and to make everyone welcome.

May our school be a happy, safe place where learning is fun.

Where we all work together to be the best we can be.



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