Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we saw the story of a young boy who had a great adventure with his Grandpa – without actually going far at all!  Today I have the story of Molly, a goldfish who has big dreams and wants to travel beyond her goldfish bowl.  Have a watch and see what it makes you think about….

It made me think of a number of different things….

  1. How surprising that a cat was a fish’s friend – just goes to show that we can all be friends no matter our differences.
  2. How kind the cat was – and how brave – all to help Molly!
  3. Molly had aspirations of exploring a wider world than her goldfish bowl – she had hopes and dreams but appreciated her own goldfish bowl world!
  4. The cat never gave up on her mission to save Molly and take her to the ocean – no matter how scary or challenging the task!

So many messages from one short film!   What messages did you pick up from watching Molly’s story?

Here’s a song to sing to remind us of the wonders of the world we live in – hopefully we will get opportunity to explore it a bit in the summer break coming up!

Prayer of the Day

Dear Lord,

We thank you, Lord, for flowers and trees and sunshine
and for all your living creatures.
We thank you for families and friendships,
for our homes and our school.
We thank you for giving us our daily bread
and for all the food we eat.
We thank you, Lord, for everything wonderful in the world.


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