Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Here we are already at Friday in the first week of the Spring Term!  There is no Well Done Assembly this week as it has been such a short week – so instead we will continue with our thinking about choices – and how important it is to persevere to try and make the right choices, even if it is easier not to.

Today we are going to watch the Pace Trust talk to us about Perseverance and Complacency – 2 big words – have a listen and see what you can learn from it…

So which one are you more like – King Solomon or Simon Peter – are you going to start well but give up when it goes wrong – or are you going to pick yourself up when things go wrong and persevere?  I know which one I would like to be like!

We all make mistakes – we all mess up – there is a well know saying “To err is human” – and how true is that!  As we all make poor choices at times – we all get things wrong (err – means to make a mistake!) – but the best choice you can make is to pick yourself up and have another go – to keep on going – to try again.  Sometimes it isn’t that easy – and that’s when we can talk to God and ask fir his help.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please help us to be able to persevere when things are tough.
Please help us to realise that we don’t need to do things on our own.
Please help us to be willing to ask for help.
Thank you for all the people who support and care for us.
Please help us to look for opportunities to help others.




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