Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Today I’d like to continue with our theme focused on feelings, and how important it is that we can both show empathy when other people are feeling sad or upset, but also that we can manage our own feelings.  Yesterday we learnt about anger and how we can regulate our angry feelings so that we can return to feeling calm.

Today I have a Pace Trust assembly focused on the feeling of fear; of feeling scared and how we can manage these feelings in a responsible way.

Have a think about a time when maybe you’ve been scared?  How did you feel?  What signs of fear did you show?  When I’m scared my heart beats faster, I breathe faster, I might feel hot and sweaty, I might even tremble.  It’s not a nice feeling and I don’t like that feeling – do you? I have learnt that if I am starting to feel scared that I can help myself by doing a few things:-

  • I make myself breathe slowly and deeply
  • I try to think about the reason I am scared – is it rational or not?  Do I really need to be scared of a spider?  Look how small they are – they can’t hurt me!
  • I tell someone so that they can reassure me – sometimes I might be feeling scared of something that isn’t that big a problem and by telling someone it makes the problem go away.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always with us, watching over us, right by our side,
No matter what may be happening in our lives.
Thank you that we can always trust you.
Thank you that there are always people we can talk to.
Thank you that you always listen.

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