Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

This week we have been continuing on our journey thinking about our feelings – we have discussed how many different feelings there are, we have considered why we need to control our feelings and regulate them, we have practised identifying different feelings in other people and reviewed what we mean by empathy.

We know empathy is important – that if we can’t identify and understand what feelings our friends have – that we can’t help support them and we can’t show compassion. Yesterday, we had another lovely assembly outside altogether where we had some enthusiastic children miming different feelings whilst everyone else guessed what those feelings were!  We also realised that different people express feelings differently – for example when George is excited – he runs around in circles waving his arms around, whilst Rosie squeezes her arms close and grips her hands tightly whilst beaning a massive smile!

Today I would like you to watch and listen to the story of “The Invisible Boy”. He is called Brian – and I want you to put yourself in his shoes throughout the story – how do you think he feels in each page….also don’t forget to notice the beautiful illustrations!!!

Did you enjoy the story?  How did you feel as Brian before Justin arrived at school?  How did you feel as Brian when Justin praises your drawing? And what about when Justin invited Brian to join in with the activity with Emilio?  What other feelings did Brian experience, do you think?

Who showed empathy throughout the story?  …..Justin definitely did – what about Brian though – did he?  How do you know?

One last question – did you notice the illustration of Brian – what changed throughout the story?…………..did you spot that to start off with his picture is without colour – Brian is just black and white at the start – why does he change do you think?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Please help us to value the people around us,
our family, our friends,
the people we meet every day of our lives.
Help us to realise that we are all special,
that we all have feelings
and can feel hurt both outside and inside.

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