Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

This week we are continuing to think about Compassion and Empathy – and we have learnt that to show empathy we need to be able to identify and understand feelings that we all have – and to actually realise how many there are – loads!

Today I want us to think about something that Megan said in last week’s live assembly – that we need to learn to take responsibility for our own feelings too – we need to learn to manage them when our feelings get too BIG – this is known as self-regulation – and it is something that we need to learn!  Have a watch of this video which gives you suggestions what to do if you’re feeling angry, low or sad…

So one important thing you can do if you’re feeling angry, sad or frustrated is tell someone – don’t just expect people to understand (empathy takes time to learn!).

A really BIG thing we all need to do is learn how to self-regulate our feelings – Selfregulation is the ability to manage disruptive emotions and impulses, and to think before you react – and it takes conscious effort to do it – but we all can!

Ask yourself  – have you ever got really angry with something or someone and shouted or stormed off?  Have you ever cried, really cried and wailed, when something went wrong or didn’t go your way?  These are examples of NOT self-regulating.

SO how can we help ourselves to self-regulate?

Remember learning about the Zones of Regulation? – they are there to help you manage your emotions….

So why not try some self-regulation today – if you feel your emotions going into the Red, Yellow or Green Zone – can you identify what emotion it is you are feeling – and can you do something to get back into the green zone?

Here’s the Cookie Monster – who has learnt how to self-regulate –

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
You have made me with a will and the power to make choices,
and you have given me the responsibility to choose how I will live.
Please make my will strong so that the choices I make in my life are good and wholesome.



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