Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we started thinking about our Christian value of this half term – COMPASSION.  We learnt how there are lots of other attidues and qualities that can be referred to as being compassionate – such as kindness, thoughtfulness, being helpful, caring for people, being positive.  We looked at lots of different words that are all linked to compassion – love, friendship, respect, patience, consideration and empathy.

Today I want us to start to think about empathy and what it means – because if we can learn how to show empathy and be empathetic, then this will help us to be the best person we can be and really show that we are about other people.

Empathy is a complex quality to understand – it has 3 different parts to it if we are to be truly empathetic.  Have a watch of this simple video and see if you can spot what these 3 parts are….

Did you spot the 3 parts to empathy?  They were…

  1. You need to actually LOOK and observe how your friend is feeling.
  2. You need to THINK about how you would feel in their situation.
  3. You need to ASK your friend how they are feeling and ask if you can help.

So it’s Look, THINK, ASK to show empathy.

The trick is to try and put yourself in someone else’s position – empathy is when you can understand and care about how someone else is feeling.  Have a listen to Mark Ruffalo and Murray’s chat about empathy – and whilst listening ask yourself whether you have empathy?

If we don’t learn empathy – if we are unable to be aware of other people’s feelings and understand them – then we are going to have a difficult time getting on with people in harmony.  So today – try checking to see how your friends are feeling and if they are feeling low or down – ask them how you can help.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we are made to enjoy the friendship of other people.
Thank you for the gifts of love and caring.
In your love, give us grace to be true friends, one to another.
Help us to be there to support and care for our friends.
Please give us the wisdom to know how to react when those we care about face problems and difficulties.

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