Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We have been doing lots of THINKing this week about the power of our words – and how important it is to ensure we only speak if we have something TRUE to say, are saying something HELPFUL or INSPIRING, if it is NECESSARY and if it is KIND.  We are trying to help everyone take more responsibility for what they say – and today I would like to continue with thinking about how important it is to take responsibility for not only our words – but our actions.

Have a watch of this video and as you listen, think about the message – of how every action you do, or words you say, will have an impact on what happens next – and how it is only YOU that can affect that outcome….so Stop making excuses and own your own action!

An interesting video – and it’s 3 main headings were…

  1. Own Your Part: what did this mean – can you remember?  It means that you need to take a step back and think when there is a problem – and identify what it was that you did to cause the problem.  Like the child who chose to jump up and down in a muddy puddle – the problem was they got cold, wet and dirty and didn’t like it – but it was her choice to do it!
  2. Cause and Affect: Things happen everytime we choose to say or do something! The trick is to try and think about what the affect is going to be, before you cause it – because if you want the cause to be good – then you need to choose the right cause!
  3. Solve the Problem:  This is a bit like “THINK before you speak” – we need to stop and pause before we say or do something so that we can make a good choice.  We need to work to avoid a problem so that the problem doesn’t actually happen!

Ultimately – it is up to you – each one of us to make the right choice in what we say or do.  We all want and deserve to live in a happy, safe world – but we have to do our bit to make it happy and safe – so as you go through today, try and stop and think to make sure you make the right choices!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always there to help and guide us.
Please help us to make good choices.
Please help us to think about other people when we are making our decisions.
Please help us to care about others in everything we do.

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