Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Today I want to continue with our thinking about the importance of being able to make the right choices if we want to be the best person we can be.  Every day we will all make choices – it might be about which jumper to wear, or what to eat, or who to play with; we make choices all the time, and sometimes subconsciously!

In lessons it is important to make the right choice – to listen to the teachers, to follow the rules, to put your hands up (or not if we are Cold Calling!), to work hard.

Sometimes we can make the wrong choice – we might forget, or we might not have applied some self control, and other times it is because we are choosing to not do the right thing.  I wonder why anyone would choose to do the wrong thing?

Sometimes people make the wrong choice due to something called peer pressure – have a watch of this video from the Pace Trust and see what you think…

We all like to be liked – to be popular…but sometimes it is more important to do what is right.  We are all responsible for our own actions, and we should do our best to try and make sure we make the right choices.

Christians believe that God has given us guidelines to make the right choices, for example in this Bible verse from Romans 13:9 “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”. Christians also believe that God will help them not to give in to pressure to do what’s wrong, an example can be found in the Book of Corinthians 10:13 “The only temptations that you have are the temptations that all people have. But you can trust God. He will not let you be tempted more than you can stand. But when you are tempted, God will also give you a way to escape that temptation. Then you will be able to stand it.”

So as you go through your day have a think about the decisions that you make, and take a moment to reflect – is it the right choice?

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always there to help and guide us.
Please help us to make good choices.
Please help us to think about other people when we are making our decisions.
Please help us to care about others in everything we do.



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