Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Today I would like to follow on from our live assembly yesterday, where we thought about the importance of Team-Spirit, and how it links to our mission statement of “Being the best person we can be” – where we need to be more thoughtful and considerate in how we manage niggles and annoyances – and how we also need to be aware of our own actions in case they are annoying others!

I even shared an example from my own child hood, where I hadn’t exercised self control, and didn’t think before I acted – and as a result a) I hurt someone and b) I got into trouble!  Having self-control is a very important skill: for ourselves and for other people. Without developing self-control can often mean we get into trouble, or we can upset or annoy our friends – here is a short video about a seal who has learnt to Stop, Think and Breathe, and do the right thing….have a watch and think….what can we learn from Simon the Seal?

Sometimes it can be tricky to have self control – your friends might be asking you to do something that you know you shouldn’t, and you don’t want to let them down.  Or you are enjoying yourself so much that you don’t want to stop what you’re doing, but your teacher has asked you to stop and listen.  If we are going to work and play happily with people, we need to learn to be Team-spirited – and that means we need to show self-control.

Here’s another short video explaining why it is so important to have self-control…..

As you go through today, try and practise self-control – if you find yourself about to make a poor choice, maybe try Simon’s little song – “Stop, think and breathe, and do the right thing!”

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Help us to show self-control in our own lives and in the life of our school.
Help us to think before we act.

Please help us to think about how we will react and what we will say.
Please help us to treat others well.
Help us to forgive those who hurt us.
Help us to remember that you want us to live in peace.

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