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Good Morning Brown Clee!

Over the past week we have been linking our school’s Bible verse “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind” to our school mission statement “To be the best person we can be” – and we have been thinking about lots of ways that these 2 statements are interconnected.

Yesterday we asked ourselves whether we could be the best person we can be if we don’t face challenges and try new things. There were some interesting comments and thoughts from Chloe, Megan, Abigail and Max!  Today I want to think more about the importance of facing challenges and how this helps us learn – and we are going to find out all about The Learning Pit!  Don’t worry – it isn’t a scary pit – but it can be tough going in there!  As you watch the video have a think about whether you have ever been in the Learning Pit, and if so – what did it feel like….

So how many of you think that you’ve been in the Learning Pit at some point in your life?   I know that I definitely have – in fact I am at the moment as I go through my running challenge – I am learning how to breath effectively, pace myself and how to overcome any psychological barriers ( the ones where the thought of running 5km fills me with dread and doubt as it is going to take so long!).  Why don’t you take a moment and share some examples of when you have been in the Learning Pit…..

In the video, the narrator uses the following words to describe the attitudes needed to get across and out of the Learning Pit – “Persistence, Resilience and Recall” – do they ring any bells?  We often talk about the importance of persevering when things are difficult, (persistance is another word for persevering!) and we have the word “Resilience” in our learning behaviours as it is such an important skill – to be courageous and not give up.  Recall is using our memories to find and use important skills and knowledge that we already know to help us overcome new learning – and we can all do this!

As you go through the weeks ahead, remember that the only way to learn is to face a challenge and travel through “The Learning Pit” – because if we take the easy route, and don’t attempt new things, then we aren’t actually going to learn – and better ourselves!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Sometimes, we need to think ‘I can’
instead of saying say ‘I can’t’.
Sometimes we have to look at old problems in new ways.
Sometimes we must keep trying
when we feel like giving in.
Thank you for always understanding and having faith in us.
Help us to have more faith in ourselves, in others, and in you.
Through Jesus Christ

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