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Good Morning Brown Clee!

I am afraid that I have some urgent news for you – the Easter Holidays have been cancelled!! ……………………………………….




No one loves April Fool’s Day as much as kids! Below are a list of kid-friendly pranks. Turn all the photos in your home upside down. Put a few drops […]

Only joking – it’s April the 1st today – which is also known as April Fool’s day, where traditionally people can try and trick others – but only up to Midday!  A good April Fools’ trick depends on catching your victims unawares. They must have no idea what’s about to happen. What’s funny is the look of shock, horror and surprise on their face. That’s why it’s no good repeating a trick or recounting the story hours later. It’s the immediate reaction that matters.

The Easter Story has a bit of an April Fool trick in it – imagine the looks on the faces of Jesus’ followers on that first Easter Sunday morning. These were men and women who were grieving. Two days earlier, they’d witnessed the most important person they’d ever met being executed in a brutal and lingering manner, and then buried in a cave tomb. They were deeply depressed. They seemed to have no future. However, on the third day – what we call Easter Sunday – some of them discover that the tomb is empty. Mary, one of the women, even meets Jesus, who has come back to life after being dead, although she doesn’t immediately recognize him.

The Bible relates that initially, there is fear and confusion as the story of Jesus’ resurrection spreads like wildfire among his followers. They don’t understand what has happened. The impossible has taken place. Then, as the reality of the situation takes hold and as they each meet Jesus in the flesh, any doubt is removed. They are left with an overwhelming sense of joy, optimism and hope.

In the Bible story, surprise follows surprise. It’s the greatest April Fools’ trick of them all. Except that, Christians believe, it is no trick. This is the real thing. Christians believe that Jesus overcame the greatest fear of humankind: death itself. Nothing can hold him back.

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, they’re welcome ones: meeting a friend you thought you’d lost touch with, a surprise gift, sunshine on a rainy day, winning a raffle prize or finding the solution to a problem. Sometimes, they can be unpleasant surprises: bad news, a surprising failure, a last-minute change of plan or being let down by someone you trust.

So, how do you cope with such unpleasant surprises? Initially, common reactions might be to sink into a mood or react in anger, to freeze dumbstruck or to flap around in confused activity, just like the followers of Jesus. The Easter story encourages us to consider that there may be another way….a better way!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that you are always with us.
Thank you for the great surprise of Easter.
Thank you that Jesus came back to life and is alive today.
Thank you that you promise always to be near us.
Help us to remember that we can talk to you at any time of the day or night.
You are always there to listen to us.

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