Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

Yesterday we thought about how important it is to be resilient and have a go, even if it is something that we aren’t looking forward to, as we might actually surprise ourselves and enjoy it….like me with starting a running challenge (don’t forget to encourage me tomorrow!)  We all have things that we like and dislike – and we all have to do things at times that we don’t want to do – can you think of anything?    In school you might prefer one subject to another – you might really like maths but dislike art – however it is important to put the same effort into both lessons!

Today I want us to think about rules – and why we have them?  Can you remember what our school rules are?  We had 7 – but I have reviewed them and want to help keep things as simple as possible – so here are the revised rules –

So now we have 5 easy to remember school rules – why do you think we have these rules?  If you had to pick one to be the most important one – which rule would it be?

There are all sorts of rules that we have to follow at times – there is the Highway Code if we are driving on the road, there are Covid19 rules, sports such as football and netball have rules.  We need rules as they there to keep us safe and to help us live, work and play together in a way that works.

In the Bible, God gave people a set of 10 rules to live by. These rules are called the Ten Commandments, and they were given to a man called Moses.  Here is a simplified version of them:-

In Jesus’ time, religious leaders liked to sit around and discuss the law. They especially liked to ask Jesus questions about the law to try to trick him into saying something that would cause people to turn against him. One day they were questioning Jesus and one of the teachers of religious law asked Jesus, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”…..what do you think Jesus said?

This is how Jesus answered.  He said, “The most important commandment is this: ‘The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.”  This can be read in the New testament book written by Matthew at verse 22.

I wonder if anyone has seen these words anywhere in school?

Do you know where this is?  Some of you won’t have seen this place in school yet!  I wonder why we have written this Bible verse on our school wall at the entrance?  Have a think and we will discuss it tomorrow.  Here is the same Bible verse in song version!

Prayer of the Day

Dear Father,

Help us to love you with all our heart, soul, and mind — and to love one another as we love ourselves.

Thank you for the love that inspires us.

Remind us of those who have shared their love with us.

Help us to pass it on and to help change the lives of those around us.

In Jesus’ name we pray.




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