Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

There are definitely signs of Spring in the air – the daffodils are blooming, there are lambs gambolling in the fields and everywhere you look in nature, you can see signs of new life!  Even the grass is growing!  It is an exciting time – as the lighter and warmer days along with the new life offers promises of hope and optimism….fresh starts and new beginnings.

It is also the time of year when we start to reflect on the Easter Story, as next Sunday (28th March) is Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Well today I want you to listen to the story of Jesus and the Donkey….but I want you to join in….

When you hear the word “donkey” I want you to say “heehaw” and make your hands into ears.

When you hear the word Jesus I want you to shot “Jesus” and punch your hand in the air!

When you see the crowds cheering and praising shout the word “Hosanna” and  wave your hands as though they were holding large branches from a palm tree!

This story happened at the beginning of Easter week. On Palm Sunday, Christians especially remember Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem on a donkey. By the time we get to Good Friday, we will be remembering the death of Jesus. It didn’t take the people very long to stop cheering Jesus, and instead turn their backs on him. On the Sunday that follows Good Friday, called Easter Sunday, we will be remembering that Jesus came back to life again.

Prayer of the Day

Let’s spend a moment thinking about that week. It started with a great parade: everyone was singing and shouting that Jesus was someone special, that he was the Son of God. However, later that week, the religious leaders who didn’t like Jesus spread rumours and made the crowds shout that they wanted Jesus dead. They created so much fuss that Jesus was killed by the Roman soldiers.

What they didn’t realize was that this was all part of God’s plan. Jesus would come back to life and the world would be changed.

Dear God,
Sometimes, we don’t understand it when difficult or sad things happen.
Help us to remember that you are always there for us.
Thank you that you always care.
Please help us to trust you.




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