Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

We have recently been thinking about learning skills and the importance of having a growth mindset – and as a reminder here are the differences between having a growth mindset and a fixed mindset:-

We have also been thinking about how important it is that we say “I can’t do it yet” instead of just “I can’t do it”. Today I want us to think about mistakes, and how we feel about them?  Ask yourself – how do you feel about making a mistake?  Does it worry you?  Are you scared of getting something wrong?  Have a watch of this story called “The Most Magnificent Thing” and see if it can teach you something about mistakes…

Thank goodness for her dog – as the dog managed to convince the girl to persevere and not give up – to carry on despite the mistakes and problems – and she did – and what a magnificent thing it was that she created!!  Imagine how she would have felt if she had given up?……sad, defeated, lacking in confidence, a failure!   But by persisting despite the mistakes, she succeeded and as a result she must have felt so proud of herself!

Have a think about a time that you have made a mistake, or got something wrong?  How did it make you feel?  Did you give up?  And if so how did you then feel?  Or did you push through and persevere – I bet this made you feel confident and proud, giving you a true sense of achievement!

We all make mistakes – we are human!  The important thing is that we aren’t worried about them, as mistakes are normal – and they allow us to learn and improve.

Take a quiet moment to reflect –

Do you see mistakes as failure?

Or are they an opportunity to learn and do better next time?


Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

Help us to learn through our mistakes.

Teach us to know right from wrong so that we do not hurt others by what we say or do.

Give us the strength to cope when mistakes are made and help us to deal with them sensibly.


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