Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

Good Morning Brown Clee!

I have been wondering, since yesterday’s assembly, I wonder how many of you have used the words “I Can’t”?  Hands up if you think you’ve used them in the last day?  Today I want to try and teach you how you can change a negative (where you are stuck with a problem and can’t see any solution or hope) into a positive (where you feel happier and more confident). – and all it takes are 3 letters!

Have a watch of this video and see if you can work out what those 3 letters are…

Have you ever felt like Katie – where you are stuck but don’t want to ask for help and yet can’t solve a problem – so you feel like giving up?  What message is this story telling you?  If you add the word “Yet” onto the end of “I can’t do it”, it suddenly sounds like “I can do it if I try again” or “I can do it if I ask for help”.

So as you go through this week – when you come up against a problem or a challenge and are about to say “I can’t do it” – try adding the little word “Yet” on the end – and then ask yourself, “what can I do to solve it?”.

There is always a solution – the solution just might not be obvious – and it might need a helping hand!

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,
Thank you that we can learn from every difficult situation.
Please help us to be people of resilience.
Help us to get back up again when things go wrong.
Help us never to give up.
Help us to persevere.
Thank you for the courage and resilience of people who have shown us that stumbling need not mean failure,
For people we know and for inspirational figures who are role models to us.
We are thankful for their example.
Give us the courage and determination to use the power of ‘yet’.




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