Reflection Time and Prayer of the Day

I have written my list of ’10 Things that I am Grateful for’ down and it is now in my office – as even when there isn’t a global pandemic, it is very easy to get bogged down by problems and challenges, and to lose sight of all the wonderful things that make your life so valuable.

Maybe you could write your own list of ’10 Things that I am Grateful For’ – and keep it somewhere safe – so that you can refer back to it if you are feeling a little low or down, and it might help remind you of all the wonderful things in your life.

Prayer of the Day

Dear God,

Thank you for all that we have that makes our lives so good.
Thank you for shelter, health, family, clothing, food, education, water, nature . . . and so many other things.
We are sorry that we grumble at times.
Teach us to be grateful and thankful people.

Teach us to show our gratitude for what we have
By caring for those around us
And for the wonderful world in which we live.




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